Frequently Asked Questions

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Why is birth date required for each person?

- We ask each Cut Time user to verify their age so that we can protect the privacy of all users. Members who are under 13 years old will have limited accessibility and will require a parent profile to be connected to the child. (Federal COPPA Regulations)

Is there an app for Cut Time?

- No, in order to keep costs low for customers and allow for frequent enhancements and updates, Cut Time does not have an app. You can access the tool from any mobile device on any browser with full functionality.

Where can I find Cut Time's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service?

- Links to view our policies are listed on the Log In page. Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

Can I create email templates to send messages more than once? How about scheduling messages to send on a recurring basis?

- These features are not yet available in Cut Time. 

How can I change the logo that appears next to my organization's name at the top of my page?

- Email with your Cut Time account name and a copy of your logo. Square images (100x100) with a white background work best!

Can I upload part files and PDFs of music on Cut Time?

- We are quite serious about copyright protection and strongly discourage the uploading of complete pieces of music for other users to view. You can certainly upload assignments and other types of documents to Cut Time. However, you may not upload sheet music files unless you have permission from the copyright holders to distribute the music digitally.

Can I use a purchase order to pay for my Cut Time subscription?

- Yes, you can pay for Cut Time with a purchase order. If you need a quote document to request a purchase order, contact a Cut Time Customer Support Specialist via email at or call 1-800-310-0087. When you are ready to purchase your subscription, select the "Please invoice me" button found at Tool > Tools/Reports > Subscription Management.

Is Cut Time available for use outside the United States?

- While it is likely Cut Time will work with any internet connection, the platform was designed with its primary intended use to be within the United States. Cut Time's Terms of Service states, in part:

The Cut Time Site is provided, supported and hosted in the United States and intended for use by users located in the United States. Use of the Cut Time Site is governed by United States law, and United States privacy and data security laws may differ from those of other countries. If you are using the Cut Time Site from outside of the United States, please be aware that any information contained on the Cut Time Site is transferred to, stored, and processed in the United States.

Get Ready to Meet the next generation of Cut Time!

CutTime is moving to the next iteration of the system, Cut Time “next gen”. Check out more information and what this means for you here.

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