Cut Time for Members: Student Dashboard - Assignments

In the Assignments Notification Dashboard, you can view the Due Date, Status, Details, Grade for each Assignment.

How to View Assignments That Have Been Assigned to You

  1. Upon login, you will see various Notification Dashboards listed towards the top of your Landing Page/Profile.
  2. Scroll down to the Assignments Notification Dashboards to see if any you have been any Assignments due.
  3. Sort Assignments by Title, Due Date, Grade Level, and Status.
  4. Click "Review" to see more details and to submit or complete an Assignment.
  5. For any Assignments that have not been Submitted/Completed, you will see the options to either Upload an Assignment File or Certify that you have Completed the Assignment.
    1. To Certify, check the box and click "Save".
    2. To Upload a File, click "Assignment file(s)" and choose your Document/File, then click "Start".
      1. You will then see the message "Upload successful". 
  6. Review any Description, Instructions, or Comments that have been added by your Director/Administrator.
  7. Add any Comments by clicking "Save your comments".

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