Cut Time For Members: Create New Profile from Self-Registration

*Note: Only use this method if no Registration information was provided to you from your Program's Director or Admin.

  1. Go to this link: “Student/Parent Sign Up

  2. Follow instructions to fill out Registration form.

    1. In the Your position dropdown, choose your Member Type (Student, Parent, Staff/Faculty, or Other).
      1. For Parents:
        1. Fill out the Name of your Student/Member.
        2. *Note: Be sure to fill out the Name the same way it appears in Cut Time (no Nicknames).

    2. Fill out your Name, Email, Phone Number, Address
    3. In the Subscribing schools/groups field, find your Program's Account.
      1. *Note: Make sure you have the correct Name, State, and Program Type (Orchestra, Band, etc.) selected, or you will be Registering for the wrong Account.
  3. Select “Register Now” button.

*Note: Your Admin will receive an Email with your request to join the Program's Cut Time Account. Once approved, you'll receive a confirmation Email with a link to create a Username and Password.

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