End of Year Process: End of Year FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about the End of the Year Process...

"My Middle School Promoted Students into my Account, but I can not see them..." 


"I Promoted my Students/Members to my receiving School/Cut Time Account, yet that School/Account can not see them..."

  • The Students/Members have been Promoted into your Account, however they do not have any Program Participation Records so they will not appear in your Active Members listing until they have a current Program Participation Record
    • To Find these students:
      • Go to the Tools Module: Tools/Reports Page.
      • On the left hand side of the screen under Reports: Member Information Section, click the People without a program participation record Report.
      • The People without Program Participation Record Report will show you those Students/Members in your Account that need Participation Records, and allows you to Assign them their Primary Ensemble/Group and Position.

"I went to the Promote (end of the year) Page, but no one is appearing there..."

  • Your Account has probably already moved into the next School/Academic Year. If this is the case, no one will show up here until they are Assigned to new Groups/Ensembles for the coming Year.  
    • To change your Account back to the previous School/Academic Year until you have Promoted your Students/Members:
      • Go to the Tools Module: Tools/Reports Page.
      • On the top right hand side, under Tools: Set up and Configuration, click Hogwarts information.
      • Scroll down towards the bottom of the page, and change School Year Start to a date after today's date.
      • Click "Save".
      • Log out of your Account and log back in.
      • Go back to the Promote (end of year) Report, and your Students/Members will now be present to be available to promote.

"I Promoted my Students/Members to the next School/Account however they are still in my Account.  Did I do something wrong?"

  • No! Your Students/Members were Promoted if you followed the End of the Year Process.  
  • Promoted Students/Members will remain in your Account and can be treated as Alumni and they will also appear in the School's Account that you Promoted them to.
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