Calendar Module: RSVP for an Event

When an Event that has been marked as an RSVP Event is created in Cut Time, the Administrator can send Email Invitations to Members. Invitees receive email notifications about all pending Invitations. They will have to sign in to Cut Time to Accept or Decline the invitation.

(Ex. Sample Email Notification)

Accept or Decline RSVPs:

  1. Sign in to Cut Time and go to your Profile page.
  2. Scroll down to R.S.V.P. for Events to view your Invitations.
  3. Click the "Will Attend" or "Will NOT Attend" buttons to update the Reservation status.

*Note: The event creator will see the response on their event list.

Add the Event to Your Calendar:

  1. Once you have Accepted an Event Invite, go to the Calendar Module: Calendar Page
  2. Click on the Event, and go to the Invitations Tab.
  3. Click the green button, "Add this event to my personal calendar". 
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