Calendar Module: Scanning Barcodes for Attendance on Events

How to Scan Barcodes for Attendance:

  1. Go to the Calendar Module: Event attendance - events page 
  2. Use the drop down to select the Event you wish to take Attendance for.
  3. Click on the Barcode scanning icon
  4. Use your Members' Barcode labels to Scan each Member's Attendance. When each Member's Barcode is scanned, a green message banner will populate letting you know that "(____________) has been marked "Present"',
    1. The word "Present" will be displayed next to their name.
  5. Continue to Scan your Members' Barcodes until you have scanned them all who were in attendance.
  6. Click the "Return" button in the upper right-hand corner of the page to return to the Event's Attendance page, should you wish to add Comments to any of the records.
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