Calendar Module: Event Attendance

How to Make an Event Able to Track Attendance

  1.  Go to the Calendar Module: Calendar Page or the Add Event Page, and click the blue "Add an event" button.
  2. Next, enter the Event information (see how to Add an Event for more info).
  3. Make sure to select at least one Ensemble/Group in the drop down that will be assigned to this Event. *Note: You must have an Ensemble selected in order for the Event to appear on the Event attendance - events and Event attendance - members pages.
  4. Next check the box for "Event attendance" before clicking "Save".
    1. Once the Event is created on the Calendar the Event and the Ensemble(s) List will show up on the "Event attendance - events".
  5. Go to the "Event attendance - events", and select the Academic Year and Event you are looking for in the dropdown. 
  6. Now that you are on the desired Event, you will see a listing of the Members for the Ensemble(s) you choose to assign to the Event in alphabetical order.
  7. To find a specific Student, use the various Search functions and filters:
  8. To quickly mark all Students present, click on the "Mark all Present" button
  9. A warning will appear letting you know that if you proceed with this action that any boxes that you had previously checked will all move to be present.  
    1. *Note: IT IS RECOMMENDED that your start with this action, and then make any adjustments you might need afterwards.
    2. Once you have completed this action, all Members will be marked Present for this Event.
  10. If needed, you can go back and change the individual listings as needed; Absent, Tardy, or Excused, along with any comments about the Student's attendance.
    1. *Note: The page updates automatically, so there is no need to save
  11. If you need to download a copy of this Event's Attendance, you can click either "Extract (CSV)" or the printer icon. (Ex. shown below of an extract)
  12. In order to take Attendance using Barcode Scanning, click the Barcode icon.
    1. Put your cursor into the box at the top of the page, and click "Return"
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