Navigating in Cut Time: Calendar Module

In the Calendar Module, you can create one-time or recurring events for your members

Events in Cut Time can contain several properties to help you stay organized

  • Recurrence - events can be created as one-time or recurring, so you only have to enter your regularly-scheduled rehearsals one time
  • Attendance - if an event is assigned to an Ensemble/Group, you can take attendance for that event
  • RSVP - email invitations can be sent to members invited to an event, to which they can provide a response
  • Volunteers - events that require volunteers can be designated as such, and volunteer opportunities (when created) will appear on the homepage of the Parent Portal 
  • Google Calendar - your Cut Time calendar can be connected to an existing Google Calendar, so you can share your events with people outside of Cut Time
    • *NOTE: The Google Calendar integration is a one-way sync, which means that events added/edited in the Google Calendar will NOT be reflected in the Cut Time calendar. New events or edits must be done in Cut Time, which WILL reflect on the Google Calendar.

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