People Module: Invite Your Members to Self-Register for Your Ensemble

The easiest way for you to get member data into your ensemble is to have people register themselves online. They can request to link to your ensemble, and when you approve a new member, they can create a profile in  Cut Time.

  1. Review the list of pre-populated Positions and add any that you will need. (See How)
  2. Have your members go to and click the Member Sign Up menu. They will see the following form:

  3. Your members will click the Subscribing schools/performing ensembles drop-down list to select your organization.
  4. They will click the Your Position drop-down list to select their position (required).
  5. They will enter their name in the First and Last Name fields.
  6. They must enter their Email address in order to log in to Cut Time and for you to send emails to them through Cut Time.
  7. They must enter their Mobile Phone number in order for you to send text messages to them through Cut Time.
  8. They will enter their Address, City, State, Postal Code and Country.
  9. They must enter their Birth Date (mm/dd/yyyy). This is a required field.

  10. They must click "I'm not a robot" and accept the terms and conditions of the Cut Time website.
  11. After clicking the Register Now button, the confirmation page will show that the information has been submitted for your review.

Every time someone registers for your ensemble, you will be sent an email notification of a pending registration. You will have to log in to Cut Time to Approve or Decline their membership. (See How)

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