Communications Module: Text Messaging

How to Send a Text Message

  1. Go to the Communications Module: Send Email/Text Page.
  2. Click "Filter Recipients".
  3. Use the Filters to narrow down your selections:
    1. Ensembles/Groups
    2. Sections
    3. Positions
    4. Grades/Alumni
    5. Include Student Leaders
    6. Include Parents of Members selected
    7. or Only send to Parents of Members selected
    8. Staff/Faculty (Members who have been given a Program Participation in an Ensemble with a "Staff Type" Position, such as "Director")
    9. Cut Time Administrators
    10. Volunteers
    11. Donors
    12. *Note: The more check boxes selected, the more your selections will be narrowed down. Therefore, if you are trying to email all Students and Parents/Guardians only select "All ensembles", "Include parents of selected ensembles/sections/positions/grades".
  4. Click "Save to selections".
  5. Switch from Email to Text message (Maximum 160 characters) at the top left side of the page.
  6. Write your Text message and "Preview message".
  7. Check who your expected recipients are (and deselect anyone who doesn't need to be included on this message), and click "Send Message".
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