Communications Module: Sending an Email

How to Send an Email

  1. Go to the Communications Module: Send Email/Text Page.
  2. Click "Filter Recipients".
  3. Use the Filters to narrow down your selections:
    1. Ensembles/Groups
    2. Sections
    3. Positions
    4. Grades/Alumni
    5. Include Student Leaders
    6. Include Parents of Members selected
    7. or Only send to Parents of Members selected
    8. Staff/Faculty (Members who have been given a Program Participation in an Ensemble with a "Staff Type" Position, such as "Director")
    9. Cut Time Administrators
    10. Volunteers
    11. Donors
    12. *Note: The more check boxes selected, the more your selections will be narrowed down. Therefore, if you are trying to email all Students and Parents/Guardians only select "All ensembles", "Include parents of selected ensembles/sections/positions/grades".
  4. Click "Save to selections".
  5. Compose your message, include additional recipients in the CC or BCC fields, add a Subject line, designate who to Reply To, and add Attachments as needed.
    1. *Note: There is no size or quantity limit to Attachments.
  6. Click "Preview Message".
  7. Verify that the information about to be sent is correct.
  8. Then click "Send Message".

Note: The admin sending an email will also receive a copy of that email

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