Assignments Module: Grade Assignments

Grade Assignments

  1. Go to your Profile Page and scroll down to the Assignments section.
  2. In the To Be Graded list, click "Review" next to the assignment you want to review.

  3. Click "Assignment Information" to display the details and requirements of the assignment.
  4. If the member added comments, they will appear in the Student Comments box.
  5. Click "View This Student's Work" to review the submitted file. 

  6. Enter a whole number value in the Grade field. This field will not accept letter grades or fractional (decimal) numeric values.
  7. Use the Comments field if you want to share additional remarks with the Member.
  8. Click "Save".
  9. The recorded grade will now show in the Status/Grade column.
  10. Click "View Work/Grade" if you want to change or review the information

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