Calendar Module: Send Event Invitations

Send Email Invitations of Upcoming Events to Your Members

  1. Go to the Calendar Module: Calendar Page.
  2. Scroll down and select the Event to open the Update screen.
  3. Click the Invitations tab.

  4. Click the "Manage event Invitations" button.
  5. Use the Filter option to narrow the list if necessary.
  6. Select names from the list with either the check boxes or the "Select All" button. 
  7. Click the "Add to invite list" button.
  8. Once you have added Members/Invitees to the list on the left-hand side, click the "Email invitations" button.

    1. The screen will confirm the number of Invitations that were sent.

*Note: Once you have completed sending the Email, the list of names will be visible on the Invitations tab of the event. You can still remove any or all names after sending invitations if you need to update the list.

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