Calendar Module: Add an Event

How to Add New Event:

  1. Go to the Tools Module > Calendar Page, and Click the "Add an event" button.
    1. (Or go to the Tools Module > Add Event Page).
  2. Enter the title of the Event.
  3. Select the Date(s):  For multi-day Events, make sure to enter the end date as well.
  4. Select the Start and End Time from the drop-down lists or type in s specific time(s).
  5. Check the "All day" box to list the Event for the full day.
  6. To make an event repeating, click on the dropdown and select either:
    1. "Daily"
    2. "Weekly"
    3. "Monthly"
    4. "Annually"
    5. Or "Every weekday (Monday to Friday)"
    6. Then the number of days, weeks, months, or years applicable.
  7. Select an Event Color. All events default to a standard color. 
  8. Select one or multiple Ensembles/Groups. *Note: Ensemble(s) must be selected in order to track Attendance on an Event
  9. Select the Type of Event from the dropdown list. To add or edit Event Types, click on the green "Add/manage event types"
  10. Enter the Event Location, as well as the Address.
  11. Enter the Cost of the Event if applicable
  12. Enter the Contact Name, as well as the Contact Phone number and Contact Email.
  13. Enter a Web Address
  14. Enter a Description of the event to give prospective Attendees and Volunteers more information about it.
  15. To track Attendance for this Event, check the Event attendance box
  16. Check the RSVP required checkbox if you need a head count, and want people to reserve their place for this Event.
    1. Enter the cutoff date for reservations in the RSVP Date field.
  17. Check the Travel Details checkbox if you want Attendees to be able to include their travel plans.
  18. Check the Volunteers checkbox if you need people to help with this Event. 
    1. Complete the Volunteer request process after the event has been created.
      1. To set up Volunteer Opportunities, use the following instructions
      2. To assign a Member to a specific Volunteer Activity, use these instructions
  19. Click the "Save" button to finalize the creation of your Event.
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