Volunteers: How To Request Volunteers for an Event

Prerequisite*: The Volunteers checkbox must be selected on an Event before you are able to invite Members to participate. You can choose this option when you Create the Event, or you check that box later by Updating the Event.

How to Set Up Volunteer Opportunities:

Request Volunteers for Events

  1. Go to the Calendar Module: Calendar Page.
  2. Either click on an Event you have set up to Edit it, or click "Add an event".
  3. Scroll down to the last checkbox on in the Event options and check the box (if it wasn't already).
  4. Once you have requested Volunteers for the event, now you can Create Opportunities for Volunteers.

How to Add Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Go to the Calendar Module: Volunteer Opportunities Page.
  2. Click on the "Add volunteer opportunities" button.
  3. Select the Event you need to request Opportunities for in the dropdown menu.
  4. Select the Volunteer Activity. 
    1. *Note: To Add/Edit the list of Activities, see our Help Document.
  5. Enter the Start Time and duration needed for each person fulfilling that Activity.
  6. Select the Number of Positions needed to fill this slot. 
    1. *Note: If you need to have more than one person for a position, but at different time slots, set up the Volunteer Opportunity first with the correct number of Positions. Then Update the Opportunities created to designate the time slots.
    2. For example: If you need 4 Chaperones, but only one Chaperone for each hour time slot:
      1. Create a Volunteer Opportunity for 4 Positions of Chaperones.
      2. Click "Update" next to the first of the Volunteer Opportunities you just Created.
      3. Adjust the Start and End Times, and hit "Save".
      4. Repeat the process for the next Opportunities until all 4 Volunteer Opportunities have the correct time slots.
  7. Enter any additional information into the Notes field.
  8. Click the "Add Opportunity" button.
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