People Module: Send Member Registration Invitations in Batch

Invite/send reminders to the Members of your Organization who have not logged into Cut Time yet. This sends them an Email inviting them to create a Username and Password for access to their Cut time Profile for the first time.

Send Members the Registration Invitation Email in Batch

  1. Go to the Tools Module: Tools/Reports Page.
  2. On the left hand side of the screen, scroll down to the section Cut Time, and go to the Send Cut Time Registration invitation.
  3. This will take you to a listing of Members who have a Profile within your Account and have never logged in.
    1. It will be separated by the Type of Member they are (Student/Performer, Parent/Other, and Instructor/staff).
  4. If you want to Send Invitations to the entire listing, click on the "Select All" button. Then click "Send to selected people".
  5. If you you want to select individuals to send the Email to, click the Check Boxes next to each Member. 
    1. Then click "Send to selected people" button.  
    2. OR, Click on the "Send invitation email to this person" to send to send the invitation to an individual person.
  6. *Note: Click the "Deselect all" button to reset the list if you need to start over.
  7. Once you have clicked either "Send to selected people" or "Send invitation email to this person", you will get a notification that your Invitation Email was sent.
  8. *Note: Members will not be removed from this list until they log into their Cut Time Profile, or they no longer have a current Program Participation record (This report only shows those with current Program Participation records)
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