Getting Started: Welcome to your Cut Time Account

Welcome to Cut Time!

To get started with your Cut Time account, make sure it is properly set up by following the instructions listed below for your reference.

  1. Verify your organization's account information.
    1. At the top of your screen, on the right hand side, click on on the Tools Module, then the Tools/Reports Page. 

    2. On the right hand side of the screen, under the section ToolsSet up and configuration click (on the first link) Your Organization’s information
      • Fill in your organizations information.  This information will be used for billing purposes with Cut Time and will also appear on items within your account, such as Financial Statements and contracts.
      • Make sure to list the correct billing zip code your organization uses for accepting financial payments.
      • *Note: Fill in the state information. This will make sure that your account displays the appropriate wording for your state's regulations on certain pages of Cut Time.
      • The time zone you choose will effect what is displayed within your calendar
      • Change the default date your school year starts.  This is also the date that your account will automatically rolls over to the next school year. 

      • Check the box next to Payment receipt if you wish your members to automatically receive a digital receipt each time a payment is entered or a payment is electronically applied to their account through your payment processor. If you leave this box un-checked, they will not receive an automated notification email.
    3. Click "Save".
    4. *Note: This is also where you can change the name of your organization.  Editing your organization's name here will change it throughout your Cut Time account.

2. Update your personal information.

  1. Click on the Cut Time logo in the upper left hand corner to get back to your dashboard/Login Landing Page
  2. From your dashboard scroll down to your Contact/demographic information section.
    • Complete the form by filling in your personal account information. 
      • If you have more than one account it is advised that you set up a Username for each account.  If you try to login with the same Email and Password combination for each account it will lock you out.
  3. Click "Save".

You're now ready to start adding People, Instruments, Attire and Music Library items to your account.

To get your program's data into your account, you will need to copy your data from your existing spreadsheet into the Cut Time importer templates provided, and use either the Direct Importer for People or the Assisted Importer for Attire, Inventory and/or Positive Balance Forwards.The Music Library Import Template can be found here.

Get Ready to Meet the next generation of Cut Time!

CutTime is moving to the next iteration of the system, Cut Time “next gen”. Check out more information and what this means for you here.

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