Working with My Profile: Navigating your Administrative Profile

Getting Started with Cut Time (ADMIN ONLY)

When you first sign into Cut Time as an Administrator, it is recommended that you adjust/double-check the following Settings and Information:

1) Your Account's Information (see how to find that here)

2) Your Profile's Contact/Demographic Info

a) This information can be adjusted upon login by scrolling down to the bottom of your Profile/Landing page. You can also return to this page by clicking on your Name in the top right corner, then My Profile, or by clicking the Cut Time Logo in the top left corner.

Below is an overview of what you will find on your Profile/Landing Page:

Parent/Guardians that Need a Student Relationship Link

If there are any Parent/Guardian type Member that haven't been linked to their Student, a yellow banner will appear with the prompt to "Add relationships".

Membership Requests Notification (ADMIN ONLY)

When Members request to be part of your Account, a yellow banner will appear stating the number or Members who have requested Members through the Self-Registration Process

You can Approve or Decline Membership for each person. Once action is taken, they will be removed from this section.

  1. Click "Manage memberships" to be taken to the next page with a breakdown of what type of Members are Requesting Membership to your Organization
  2. To accept a new signup, click "Approve". To not allow them access, click "Decline".
    1. *Note: If there is a "Possible duplicate" button that appears in blue, click on it to double-check if this signup is a potential duplicate Profile. If it is, Decline this Membership Request. It is recommended that you then contact the person who created this Duplicate Profile by signing up again to see if they are having login issues, etc.
    2. *Note: Pending Members will receive an email when you Approve or Decline their Membership.
  3. For Student Type Members:
    1. BEFORE clicking "Approve", use the drop downs to select the appropriate Ensemble and Position for this Student.
  4. For Parent/Guardian Type Members:
    1. Click "Approve", then set up a Relationship with their Student by clicking the green button next to the appropriate Student's name that says "Create relationship with this student". This will establish a correct Relationship for this family, and any future Communications sent out to include the Parents/Guardians of this Member, will go to this Parent/Guardian Member.

Student Under 13 With No Parent/Guardian Listed (ADMIN ONLY)

Due to COPPA Federal Regulations related to Student Data Privacy, all Student Members under the age of 13 are required to have a Relationship Link with their Parent/Guardian in Cut Time.

If there are Student Members under 13 who still need to be linked to their Parent/Guardian, a yellow banner will appear with the prompt button to "Add relationships". Use the instructions here on how to connect a Student Member to a Parent/Guardian.

There will also be a Notification Dashboard with a list of Student Members who need to be linked:

As well as a smaller Notification Dashboard with a green button that will take you through to the Relationship Management Report.

Volunteers: Interest (ADMIN ONLY)

In the next Notification Dashboard, you will see a list of people interested in Volunteering for your Events and specific Volunteer Opportunity Activities. You can "Approve" or "Decline" each signup request.

*Note: Pending Volunteers will receive an email when you Approve or Decline their Volunteer signup to inform them of your action.

Inventory: Repair Requests (ADMIN ONLY)

Members who have been assigned Inventory can submit Repair Requests for broken or damaged items. The requests will appear in this section for your review.


News displays at the top of the Member's profile. It is automatically removed when the date expires.


The Assignments Notification Dashboard allows Members to check the Status of all assigned projects, and submit their work.

As an Admin, check this section to see Assignments as they are submitted by your Members for "Review".

R.S.V.P for Events

The RSVP for Events Notification Dashboard shows all Events the Member is invited to, and need to respond to that they either "Will Attend" or "Will NOT Attend".

Financial Obligations (or Pledges) and Payments

Financial obligations (or pledges) and payments show all Debits/Credits for the Member. Members can print statements and make payments.

To Print Statements, hit "Statement (PDF)" which will open in another tab, and then hit the print icon.

If your Organization has connected this Account to a Payment Processor, Members will be able to click to pay for their Obligations/Pledges.

Required Forms

(Member Profile view)

When a Required Form is assigned to a Member, it will appear on the Notification Dashboard, where they can click "Review" to submit their Form.

(Admin View)

As an Admin, this Notification Dashboard will display all Required Forms that have been submitted by Members that need to be reviewed. Click "Manage forms" to be redirected to the Required Forms page in the Assignments Module.

Contact/Demographic Information

The Contact/Demographic Information section manages all personal Contact and Demographic information.

Program Participation

Program Participation lists all current and past Ensembles a Member has participated in, what Position they were, and if they were a Student Leader for that Ensemble.


Pictures uploaded by Member are shown here.

Tabs Menu


The Medical tab is used for the Member's Emergency Contact information as well as any additional medical information.

*Note: Medical information including medications is optional. Members may not be required to disclose this information.


The Relationships tab shows all contacts associated with the Member - Parent/Guardian for Student Members, or Student Members for Parent/Guardian Members.

Create a new Relationship by clicking "Add relationship", or be redirected to a full list of Relationships by clicking Relationship Management.

Uniform Sizes

The Uniform Sizes tab shows Measurements for the Member.

To see a full listing of Member sizes, click "Measurements".


The Password tab allows Users to change their password.

(Admin Only)

As an Admin, you will be able to send a Reset Password Email to a Member from this tab in their Profile.

Permissions (ADMIN ONLY)

The Permissions tab allows the Administrator to assign Administrator Rights to the Member.

Non-Student Member View

Members with District Administrator Rights

Student Member View

Inventory Assigned

The Inventory Assigned tab shows all Inventory assigned to the Member.

Attire Assigned

The Attire Assigned tab shows all Attire/Uniforms assigned to the Member.


The Notes tab allows the Member to add information that they want to share publicly.

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