Financials Module: Individual Members' Financial Ledger Page Overview

A Member's Individual Ledger Details Page will give an overview of the Member's Financials; fees owed (Obligations/Pledges), Payments towards Obligations/Pledges, and Credits earned. You'll also be able to email the Member a Financial Statement, add Payments and Credits, and Record Refunds.

Administrators Screen View of A Member's Ledger Details

  1. Go to the Financials Module: Ledger Page
  2. Search for the Member that you want to view
  3. Click "Details" to view their Ledger Details Page

Top Buttons

Record Payment - Log a Payment received (Using Credits earned or another form of Payment)

Record Credit - Log a Credit earned

Record Refund - Log distributed Refunds towards an Obligation/Pledge (Ex. if a check was given to the Student/Member by the Program as a reimbursement of a canceled trip)

Printer icon - Print a Statement

Email Statement - Email a copy of the Statement

Obligations/Debits section

(AKA Pledges/Debits section, depending on your state)

Description - Description of the Obligation/Pledge

Date Assigned - Date the Obligation/Pledge was assigned to the Member

Due Date

Amount - Total Amount of the Obligation/Pledge

Paid - Amount that has been paid towards the Obligation/Pledge

Balance - Remaining Amount Due for the Obligation/Pledge

Adjust button - Change the total Amount due for the Obligation/Pledge (AKA as Pro-Rating for an Individual)

Delete button - Remove the Obligation/Pledge from the Member's Financial records

Fundraising/Miscellaneous Credits

Date - Date the Credit was Distributed to the Member

Amount - Amount of the Credit Earned

Method - What Type of Credit (Ex. Misc., Check, etc.)

Reference - Check Reference # or other reference

Notes - Notes about this Credit

"Adjust" button - Adjust the Amount, or add Notes or References

"Delete" button - Delete this Credit

Payments/Credits/Refunds section

Description - Description of the Obligation/Pledge. *Note: Refunds will appear in red

Date - Date Payment was received

Amount - Amount of Payment received

Method - Type of Payment (Credit Card, Cash, Fundraising, etc.)

"Adjust" button - Change the Payment Amount received for the Obligation/Pledge

"Delete" button - Remove the Payment from the Obligation/Pledge

"Receipt" button - Send an emailed copy of their Payment Receipt


Total Payments/Credits/Refunds - Total Amount of Payments collected for all Obligations/Pledges

Current Balance - Total outstanding Amount Due for all Obligations/Pledges

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