Navigating in Cut Time: Financials Module

In the Financials Module, you can assign fees, track miscellaneous credits, and create fundraisers for your students

  • Obligations are fixed fees that can be assigned to students, such as a fair share fee, uniform fee, or trip fee.
  • Fundraising/Miscellaneous Credits are credit amounts that can be automatically generated by a fundraiser or manually added as a credit for an individual student (such as a donation to a single student). Miscellaneous Credits can be used to make payments on Obligations.

The Ledger (Financials: Ledger) is the main landing page for student financials. From here, you can use the Search box to filter the results below. By default, only students with an open balance are shown, but all current students with a financial record can be viewed by choosing Type: All.

In the results table, you can see an overview of each student's financial record.

  • Obligation tells you the total of all obligations ever assigned to a student
  • Payments applied tells you how much money a student has paid toward their obligations
  • Refunds tells you how much a student has been refunded for Payments
  • Current balance tells you how much money a student currently owes for unpaid Obligations
  • Credit available tells you how much money a student currently has available in their Fundraising/Miscellaneous Credits

Clicking "Details" for a student will take you to that student's individual details page. This page is divided into three components:

  • Obligations/Debits shows you a record of each obligation assigned to a student, the school year in which it was assigned, and payment/balance information for each obligation
  • Fundraising/Miscellaneous Credits shows you a record of each credit a student has earned, along with the details of how it was earned
  • Payments/Credits shows you a record of all payments made toward obligations, including the date, amount, obligation, and payment method
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