Calendar Module: ADMINS - Sync Cut Time with your Google Calendar

*Note: This document is for Admins who want to link their Cut Time Calendar and publish Events simultaneously on their Google Calendar through a Sync. 

If you are a Parent and want to subscribe to the Calendar to have Events appear on your Calendar as well, please see the instructions here.

If you are and Admin and want to Sync your Calendars, please continue: 

Sync Cut Time With Your Google Calendar

*Note: Cut Time can connect to Google in a ONE-WAY SYNC, not a two-way sync. Therefore, any Events Created in Cut Time will appear in Google, but any changes to Google Calendar Events will not be reflected in your Cut Time Calendar.

Below you are going to learn the 4 STEPS on how to integrate your Cut Time Calendar with your Google Calendar

  1. Go to Tools Module: Tools/Reports Pageand select Sync with your Google Calendar under the Set up and Configuration section on the top right hand side.
  2. Follow the 3 STEPS LISTED ON THE PAGE for entering your Google Calendar ID:
    1. Enter your Google Calendar ID (the email for that Account) in the field below
    2. Click "Save"
    3. Click "Sign in with Google"
  3. Follow prompts to sign into your Google Calendar. Select the desired Google Calendar, and click "Allow" to establish your sync with Google Calendar
  4. Once your Google Calendar is connected in Cut Time, the button will update to say "Remove Google calendar authentication"


  • After going through this process, any Events created on your Cut Time Calendar will Sync to Google automatically
  • Events deleted on your Cut Time Calendar WILL NOT be automatically removed from your Google Calendar
  • Separate help docs exists showing how to Sync Previously Created Events to Google
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